What is an electric bicycle

Electric bicycles are slowly filling our cities, the phenomenon is constantly increasing both in terms of production and in terms of purchase, and the pandemic that began in March 2020 has undoubtedly “turbo-charged” the phenomenon, with a momentum that is not yet completely exhausted and is paying for the difficulties of the market in production difficulties.

Until a few years ago, the electric bicycle market aimed solely and exclusively at the elderly segment of the public, but in recent years more and more models designed for the new generations have grown. More and more young people are turning to this sport and the electric mountain bike was conceived for them.

This type of electric bicycle can be a great way to cycle along the winding roads that nature reserves, allowing you to travel along paths and dirty roads always in a “green” way. On closer inspection, it is true that the motor in the electric mountain bike helps pedaling, but in fact it does not replace it, which still implies a good muscular effort from the biker.

What exactly is an e-bike? It is a bicycle mechanically similar to a traditional one, with an electric motor applied to the transmission chain, powered by a lithium battery, whose power is modulated by an exertion sensor and an electric control. This makes pedaling less “heavy” while not completely replacing the action of the cyclist.

Pedal-assisted bicycles are nothing more than hybrid pedal vehicles driven both by muscle strength and by the thrust of a battery-powered motor. The additional propulsion intervenes during pedaling (and according to Italian regulations, it gradually decreases over 25 km/h until it stops).

The vehicle combines efficiency in transport and environmental sustainability. The e-bike is therefore the urban vehicle of the future. According to the estimates of Technavio, a British specialist in the analysis of trade flows, the demand for sustainable mobility will give a decisive impetus to the world market for electric bikes: sales should increase from 35 million units in 2016 up to 45.2 million in 2021, and China should play a leading role. Part of the success of pedelecs is linked to the variety of products, in the different declinations of the bicycle.

Environmental sustainability

The physical and ‘health’ advantages of bicycles are known and evident, but in addition to training, and to the anti-stress effect (release of endorphins) and the muscular and respiratory benefits, the bicycle is also beneficial to the environment. The e-bike, and bikes more generally, is the most democratic means of travel available, it goes everywhere and it is quite within everyone’s reach.

An electric bike is not noisy and it is rechargeable, it does not create waste, as a single lithium battery can be fully recharged up to 600 times (over 25,000 km of total distance, at least), so in the lifespan of a bicycle there will be no need to replace it. And it does not pollute, it does not leave stains and above all it does not disturb. Ultimately, it is good for the body and mind.

Today the desire to move in the midst of nature, to enjoy the landscape, to feel free, is becoming more and more important; all aspects that, for those who live in large cities, are often something unknown, which must therefore be made available.

The e-bike and its use on vacation

To forget the fatigue, or at least a large part of it, and open the doors to fun, the e-bike is the most suitable tool. Whether you ride on an enduro electric mountain bike (steep climbs and descents), therefore suitable for very demanding off-road routes, or on a quiet city bike or else, on a model to cover long distances, the lowest common denominator of experience will be entertainment. This is possible with the combination of an increasingly specific frame with the pedal assistance system.

The idea of an e-MTB available on holiday is linked to the enjoyment of the landscape and nature, to ecology and the pleasure of living outdoors. The use of an exceptionally versatile vehicle is associated with the most fascinating and fun itineraries, albeit always suitable for specific users (in terms of length and difficulty): the goal is to allow you to experience exceptional moments, enjoying unique places and views in the area, away from mainstream destinations.

Going on an excursion with an e-MTB allows everyone to be able to tackle any type of route, regardless of their training. From the most experienced and trained cyclist to those new to these experiences, everyone can ride on roads and paths choosing  the proper intensity of physical effort, sharing the emotions of cycling in nature with the rest of the group.